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ABOUT ME:                                                                                              parthprotim dutta

Hi, My name is Parthprotim dutta  I am the chief blogger at bijulee.com and where i like to shared my interest on Technology and travel experience with my online readers on this website. I would like to share knowledge on digitel marketing, SEO service, website development and web hosting related services. I started this blog in january 2018. when i was 23 year old.


I started my online journey from the year 2017 when i was in the final year of my engineering. when i have good reach especially among the bloggers community who would like to my follow  passion. after some quick search on google i came to know about website design, web development. after researching  more i started to learn more and more about this field. I started increasing my interest i slowly started building websites through Html. After couple of weeks of research and passing  time on internet regularly. I gathered some amount of money to buy domain and web hosting account and started my online journey.


I pass my free time surfing the web in search of different interesting things, new technology. And also watch a lots of movies and playing video games on computer and mobile. I also love to travel and go for a small holiday regularly. i want to go for a world tour. Let’s hope i will get the opportunities.


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  2. Web hosting management services.
  3. Content writing services.
  4. Blog building.
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